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Lommen Law, PLLC

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Brandon M. Lommen, Esq. is licensed in the State of North Dakota, the State of Minnesota, Fort Berthold District Court,  Standing Rock Tribal Court, Federal District Court of North Dakota and the Federal Court of Claims. 

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Professional, competent, and courteous service. Clients receive prompt updates frequently. Attorney Brandon M. Lommen, Esq. practices in Grand Forks, ND, surrounding areas, Western North Dakota and Minnesota. 

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Oil & Gas Law

 With significant experience in the Bakken, Brandon M. Lommen, Esq. has solved many matters and continues to do so within the Oil & Gas field.

Tribal Law

Brandon M. Lommen, Esq. navigates the often complex Tribal Laws for individuals living within the exterior bounds of reservations. 

Criminal Defense

Brandon M. Lommen, Esq. has successfully defended clients charged with crimes.

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